Hey babies! I'm popping back in to direct you all to my new website!  It's even got a BRAND NEW post for you! Keep your peepers on this and that page; Eventually this will all run smoothly and be consolidated into one, magnificent, glorious page! Until then, Happy Eating loves!



Hey guys. I'm gonna be continuing to be on hiatus AGAIN while I *drumroll* MAKE A WEBSITE! That's right my babies, by the end of this semester I'm gonna have a full, beautiful, fresh new website for all of y'all to enjoy. When I make it out to good places, I'll post up. But until … Continue reading Hiatus!

Native Tongues

If ever there's a time for charcoal-grilled meats wrapped up in soft handmade corn tortillas, it's past my bedtime. My new favourite late-night haunt, Native Tongues, does a reverse happy hour on Fridays and Saturdays. Offering quick appetizer bites, 6 varieties of their single tacos and dessert, this place is as warm and welcoming at … Continue reading Native Tongues

The Gateway (again)

The continual existential dread of incoming deadlines, lack of material and general ramping up of school activities means I'm spending more time and money on campus. Luckily, The Gateway knows the way to my heart Chicken and waffles, baby. There's something about greasy, salty, lovingly friend chicken that pairs so well with maple syrup and … Continue reading The Gateway (again)

The Odyssey (Holiday Edition)

Oh the weather outside is inconsistent, and all I want to do is eat, and drink hot beverages. Thankfully the campus coffeehouse has some sweet treats for the winter season. Say hello to 'The Grinch'. A slinky blend of charcoal and matcha, The Grinch is a touch too sweet for me somedays, but other days … Continue reading The Odyssey (Holiday Edition)